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Motorola ACE3600

Motorola ACE3600 As a Motorola Certified MOSCAD Solution Provider, UIS can design a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to meet your specific needs.

The ACE3600 is the next generation of high-performance sensor control for SCADA systems from Motorola. The ACE was developed to operate with multiple industry protocols across a wide band of communication media. It is modular and IP based, specifically designed for the wireless environment. The ACE also accommodates a host of devices, sensors, and display elements and has hot-swappable input/output (I/O) modules. It provides increased data security through multiple layers of encryption and time-based data authentication.

At the core of ACE is the microprocessor-based CPU module, complete with on-board memory, communications ports, I/O bus interface and other circuits. The Power Supply module not only provides power to the rack but also charges the 12V lead-acid backup battery when not in use. Plug-in specialized I/O modules provide the connectivity to digital (binary) and analog (value) sensors, and provide relay (to control devices) and analog (to change process setpoint) outputs. Modularity permits the ACE configuration at every site to be optimized to the specific requirements of the site.

Motorola ACE3600 The ACE is available in a large NEMA-4 enclosure that holds up to 7 I/O (as shown above), in a small NEMA-4 enclosure that holds up to 3 I/O, on a metal chassis, or on 19″ rackmount panels.

The ACE is fully compatible with the MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L units with regards to programming and communication. It can easily be integrated into existing MOSCAD/MOSCAD-L systems. Application programs written for earlier units may be automatically converted to run on the new RTU.

The ACE3600 provides the features of both a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). If the application program loaded into the CPU module is simple, then ACE functions as an RTU; if the application program implements decision-making code, then ACE functions as a PLC. Either type of application program is created using the ACE System Tool Suite (STS) software or the ACE “C” ToolKit. The created code is compiled and downloaded into the CPU module.

The application resident within any local or remote ACE RTU may be monitored via the Programming STS. When monitoring a local unit, the STS plugs into an available RS-232 port on that CPU module. When monitoring a remote unit, the STS connects to an RS-232 port on any local unit and utilizes the communication network to access the desired remote unit. New or revised application codes may be downloaded to the local or remote ACE CPU; current or historical data may be uploaded from the CPU; the contents of the CPU’s error logger may be retrieved.