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Motorola MOSCAD

Motorola MOSCAD RTUThe MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L Remote Terminal Units (RTU) are Motorola SCADA products developed prior to the ACE3600. The product lines are no longer available for purchase through Motorola. However, Motorola will continue to provide technical support for the MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L product lines with repair/replacement of modules and components through April 2013 (5 years from date of manufacture). UIS PROGRAMMABLE SERVICES, INC. will also continue to support the MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L products and will stock some of the more common modules.

The ACE3600 is fully compatible with the MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L units with regards to programming and communication. It can easily be integrated into existing MOSCAD/MOSCAD-L systems. Application programs written for earlier units may be automatically converted to run on the new RTU.

Motorola MOSCAD-L-RTUApplication programs for the MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L are created using the MOSCAD Programming Toolbox and/or the MOSCAD “C” ToolKit. The created code is compiled and downloaded into the CPU module.

The application resident within any local or remote MOSCAD RTU may be monitored via the Programming Toolbox. When monitoring a local unit, the Toolbox plugs into an available RS-232 port on that CPU module. When monitoring a remote unit, the Toolbox connects to an RS-232 port on any local unit and utilizes the communication network to access the desired remote unit. New or revised application codes may be downloaded to the local or remote MOSCAD CPU; current or historical data may be uploaded from the CPU; the contents of the CPU’s error logger may be retrieved.