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Hydro Electric Services

When River Level Control is Critical.

Hydroelectric power is produced by water flowing through a turbine, which then turns a shaft in an electric generator. Management of hydroelectric power systems involves monitoring of water flow and levels, controlling gates, regulating power, and detecting and announcing alarms. Automation and SCADA systems can provide remote monitoring and control of hydroelectric systems, reduced operating and maintenance costs, and data reporting.

Hydro Electric Diagram

UIS Renewable Power, Inc. has experience installing, designing, and servicing hydroelectric power systems. We can provide PLC-based controls for new and existing systems. Analog and/or digital inputs and outputs can monitor and control gate positions, hydraulic pressure, water level, excitation speed, synchronizing, governing, protection devices, and more. We use standard, widely available equipment. Our experienced staff can provide a complete and coordinated design for all major electrical systems.

Typical controls include:

Unit Automation

  • Flow control
  • Power control
  • Voltage control
  • Governing (frequency control)
  • Black start
  • Start and stop sequencing
  • Synchronizing

Plant Automation

  • Flow control
  • Water level control
  • Voltage control
  • Optimization control
  • Peaking control