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The brains of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is the server where the Human Machine Interface (HMI) software is located.  They can be located on-site, they can be web hosted, or for maximum security, they can be in both locations.  This is where the data and controls are shown on a screen giving the operator control of the assets displayed.  The SCADA server collects information through the SCADA Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) over a network and formats the data. This allows a standardized way to monitor and control multiple RTUs from one centralized location. The HMI can also be linked to a database in order to manipulate the system data. The database can then provide trending graphs, logistic info, schematics, trouble-shooting guides, etc. Reports can be generated to monitor data hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.


UIS SCADA also will design mobility into your SCADA system.  The HMI can then be remotely located on a computer, tablet or smart phone.  There are various ways to do this, from low cost, easy to implement, less secure options to full VPN/firewall solutions security.

SCADA - Mobility

Information is usually presented to the operating personnel in graphical form. A schematic representation of the system with symbols and/or photographs can be displayed to show status and control of equipment. For example, a diagram of a pump and pipes can list whether the pump is running, the speed of the motor, and how much fluid is flowing through the pipes. The operator can then monitor and control the pump in real time.

UIS SCADA, Inc. can provide the right solution to fit your customer’s needs. Our personnel are skilled in working with various manufacturers’ equipment in a variety of applications such as water and wastewater treatment systems, power plants, and generating stations.

SCADA Management Software


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