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Sales, service, propagation studies and programming for radio, licensed or unlicensed, Cell, DSL, Cable, Satellite.

UIS SCADA has been designing and delivering Telemetry systems for over 25 years to a variety of industries including power, water, and wastewater.  No matter what the conditions, UIS has the experience with Radio, licensed and unlicensed, Wi-Fi, Cell, DSL, cable, fiber optics, leased line, dial-up line, and satellite combined with RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, and TCP/IP to help you select the best telemetry for your application.  In addition, we will incorporate the level of security that fits your needs using communication protocols such as Profibus, DNP3, and Modbus.

Radio Propagation StudiesWe perform Propagation Studies, evaluate the cost of each feasible telemetry option, your need to security, apply for your radio license, set- up your cell modem account, assess your antennae needs, and much more to determine the best telemetry for your site.

RF (radio frequency) based technologies are the most secure telemetries for SCADA applications. The reliability, performance, and costs of radio networks have contributed to this. Radio communication works well for control and acquisition of data from remote locations and provides flexibility in installation. Also, the SCADA system owner is in control of the communications infrastructure.

Cell modems are becoming more popular as their monthly costs have dropped significantly.

When some sites are hard to reach we will review the possibility of meshing the telemetry for with Store and Forward (S & F) site or Repeater sites.  They act as in intermediate point of communication in a SCADA system. Particularly in telemetry systems, these sites allow communication between remote (RTU) sites and the master (MTU) site when a direct path is not possible.

Telemetry Diagram

Finally, when Radio and Cell is not an option, UIS will look to more costly options such as cable, DSL, fiber optics and if necessary, satellite.

Recommended Maintenance

To ensure a reliable system, UIS SCADA, INC. recommends that our customers perform maintenance every two years on their SCADA telemetry systems. At each SCADA site, we test for correct frequency (if necessary), power settings, back-up batteries, charging circuits, and communication with the master site. We also test the antenna, cables, and surge protector at each site for integrity. Servicing your SCADA system regularly insures peak performance operation and minimizes downtime.