UIS - Utilities Instrumentation Service
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Providing Exceptional Service since 1976

Utilities Instrumentation Service was established in 1976. It is a NETA, SCADA and RENEWABLE POWER Company.


The NETA group serves primarily Power Plants, Universities/Colleges, Manufacturers, Municipalities, Airports and Hospitals. It delivers electrical services for Acceptance and Preventative Maintenance Testing, Energized Services including IR and Oil Sampling, Arc Flash/Short Circuit Studies and Power Studies covering Power Load, Power Factor and Harmonics. In addition, this group will generate reports and recommendations as well as execute the recommendations.


The SCADA group serves primarily Municipalities, Power Utility Companies and Manufacturing. It delivers SCADA services including instrument calibration, SCADA servers on-site and web hosted, programming, graphic upgrades, control panels and telemetry using a wide range of technologies including cell modems, satellite, fiber optics and radios.

Renewable Power

The RENEWABLE POWER group serves hydro plants, solar power and wind mills. It delivers the NETA and SCADA Group services plus Run of River Control Systems.

Our field personnel are trained Journeymen, Foreman and General Foreman Electricians having completed a 5 year apprenticeship or Technicians with a minimum 10,000 hours of field service.   They are certified by NETA, the International Society for Measurement and Controls (ISA) and Electrical Research Power Institute (EPRI). All our calibration and testing equipment is calibrated yearly to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to ensure consistent readings.